Thieves of music. How new popstars steal from great past’s musicians

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Freddy and his Thievery 101 session

Let us pray: Dear Lord, if we give you Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, will you give John Lennon back to us?

In this blog, I will be rolling out my “Thievery 101 sessions!” where we will have some fun stealing from JS BachThe BeatlesScott Joplin and more.

But we will do it in a very cordial manner …ha!

Today, let’s start with Bach.

He was well dressed and polite.

I’m sure, and a hippie with a long wig.

One might even say that he was  “jiggy”…like that, with the “wiggy” like that  (jiggy in the sense that he spent enough time in the sack to have 20 children with 2 wives).

Js Bach

“Jiggy” in the best sense of the word.

Watch my pratical example with Js Bach.

And speaking of back to school…

Here is a clip of a song called “Schooldays” with my friend Ray Gomez on the guitar -

We could refer to it as a “back to school” anthem.

Last BLOG I discussed Ray Kurzweil and the singularity movement and announced I would also be talking of Puritanism in America.

Really, it’s good timing to look at the new Miley Cyrus video to make some points and observations on the subject (not that there aren’t tons of examples to choose from this last decade) but this one with Miley and Robin Thicke will do just fine for our purposes. Its not like she won’t profit from it, depending of course on how one defines “profit”.

Let’s look at who’s in this little vignette. You’ve got the performers, the audience (this includes the “puppet like robots” who throw their hands in the air, yell and scream, make noise and listen to some not so distant voice in their head telling them that they really like this act and being here makes them feel alive).

Then there are a host of other characters, the money and promo people and profiteers who need to get paid. For them the bottom line is dollars. When the bottom line is dollars (not just for the suits who sit in the background, but also for the performers and artists) lets be assured that much can be compromised.

Then there were the rest of the folks. Sitting in the audience, not really knowing how they felt. Seeing them from the tv screen one may have thought they were attending a lecture on… “the demise of popular music and art in the united-states after the turn the  century”.

Or something of that nature.

Here’s the Robin Thicke Vid

Most are too distracted with the smart phones anyway, but this show gives them all the more reason to look at their tiny little window to the world. This thing that was put on by the VMA’s means nothing at all, except to say we as a culture/society need help… well we need a RENAISSANCE.

Does our culture have any artistic substance anymore? Yes, but do we have to look underneath the bling bling of the machine. Well, yes. We have to look harder these days.

That being said, let’s continue. Many folks in the states are criticizing this clip of the VMA’s, and before the Miley video they tore apart Robin Thicke’s “blurred lines” video.

If so, what are all these citizens afraid of?  Too much nudity? Too much trash? Flesh? What? How many are still homophobic? How many are wound so tight that if they snapped they could jetesen to the future?

Maybe Miley and the producer of this act were flipping the middle finger to the watchers and nay sayers. For Miley, this was just another gig… she’s more audacious than talented and there lies no value in her act (except maybe some money but, MTV is the one who really benefits because next year they will charge a premium for advertizing). So be it.

Let’s say that we’ve been through the Madonna/Britney antics and once you’ve seen prince flap his butt cheeks…. well haven’t you seen it all? Isn’t it time now for a proper, traditional circus?!

So to sum up, you’ve got a misdirected music artist.

We do have artists looking forwards instead of backwards. “Groundbreakers” and artists that are looking ahead, discovering un-footed ground.

Here is an article from Sting’s site – he talks about being an artist and the on-going struggle and joy.

Here is a quote:

“I believe there is a spiritual element in classical music that is missing from a lot of modern music. We need to bring it back”.

If all is fair in love and war, then maybe too, all is fair in pop music and pop culture.

And if some say its trash then so be it. To each his own. We all have our own individual evolution. So I aim not to criticize so much as to clarify for myself and any other sympathizers.

Here is a song that transcends time and space – All in love is fair.  Let’s hear  Stevie Wonder sing about it.

A bit more on the puritan idea in the states. The fact is, its the older generation that has the problem. What we have are the mothers and fathers of these teens trying their best to keep nudity, violence, sex and pornograpy out of their sight and out of their minds. But it’s all there for the viewing and the taking. The NEW window to the world is a small smart phone – laptops and ibooks and towers and pads take a backseat to mobile devices. We all know that.

Is it better for people to see the real truth, without filters and “overseers” trying to mask what really does exist out there? The truth wins all the time. And so does love in my opinion.

What’s more damaging and fully pornographic is when kids see Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke putting on some worthless (non)sensational act and having kids believe that they too can push the threshold on all media outlets – while having very little artistic talent…..and make a lot of money at the same time. This is a farce and just as ruinous as any skin flick out there.

Sex and violence pulls no punches. It doesn’t try to be something its really not.

Go figure. The great USA. We have our good points and we have our need for improvement.  People with so little talent should  get “so little attention.” Thats what make-up and TV and technology can do for us!  Many of the things that we see and hear now will evanesce within minutes!

Lets do keep a positive spirit through all the Good the Bad and the Ugly

It’s our country warts and all! God Bless America. Land of the free.

Stay tuned  for Blog # 8 – and the next chapter of the  “THIEVERY 101 SESSIONS!

With Love -


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