A fairy painting!


The artist launches his works film inspired

Christian Jackson was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and grew up in a crafty home. Art was always part of his world – so when it came time to choose a career path, the decision was easy.
Christian is a graphic designer by trade, but he’s secretly a jack of all trades: writer, composer, artist, photographer, craftsman, director, philosopher, entrepreneur… but most importantly, a dad to two beautiful little girls.
In 2003, Christian moved to Chicago to start his design career. The city provided the creative intrigue that he longed for all his life.
He grew into his own and developed his artistic style along with his personal philosophy:
“The only things worth retaining in this world are those of beauty and function. Everything else is unnecessary.”
His minimalist ways have lead to many successes, the greatest of which is his series of classic children’s story posters.
Today, Christian works as a UI/UX designer and strategist for a Chicago-based agency, and he continues to his creative endeavors through many personal projects, including: launching three new poster series, illustrating two new children’s books, and forming a digital startup with grand aspirations to revolutionize how music is created and shared.
Overworked, overcaffeinated and overjoyed… he continues to create until the wheels fall off… as if that could stop him!
visita il sito: sinch.us


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