I don’t like “RAP” but I LOVE the young generation

vinili e cd

Music and the real numbers of this bu$ine$$

What is in a “genre”  class, brand, category, character, fashion, kind, classification, genus,  group, school, sort, species…

I love the thesaurus. All these words have their place in popularizing a group, artist and theirs songs.

Yes, while I may be over critical of the music today sometimes I just need to get over myself…. Haha   them’s the facts

the younger gen’s…. they don’t need all the bling bling like we used to think.

They don’t need fancy cars and fancy watches (maybe the impoverished “nouveau riche”  still exhibits this. Kids are riding trains and busses and using helmets when they ride their bikes! They don’t need a wall full of CD’s and vinyl (although I still very much dig a wall like that).

Music is a service you buy (or don’t buy) now-a-days.

Music heals, separates, confuses, angers people to extremes. Sooths the beast and calms the soul. Music became haven for profiteer’s in the 90’s and when the biz changed those profiteers either found new ways of monetizing music or they left the arena and moved on to find another way to make money.

Back when Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Santana and the soundtrack for the Titanic sold over 20 millions copies each.  And upwards of up to over 50 million units and/or downloads things were much different. A different time period and a different culture. It seems change and advancement (and I use the word “advancement” loosely) is moving at more exponential rates as time goes by. Good? Bad? Both?

That brings us to this Summer’s “HIT” song “FANCY”

celine-dion-poster-my-heart-will-go-on-titanicHere is a quick picture of the sales revenue differences between now and over the last 20 years.

Celine Dion – Falling Into You – 1st week = 193,000 at # 2 position – 28 weeks later it sold 132,000 copies

Iggy Alazea – The New Classic 1st week  52,000 @ #3 position about 10 weeks later the album has sold 16,000 copies

We can take a look at how the numbers look in a few more months, but its safe to say a few things.

Times have changed a lot.

Iggy’s sales are not bad given the new terrain of monetizing music these days.

Music, songs and artists are ephemeral now. Sure we had “one hit wonders” in the past. But those songs and artists are still heard out there in the airwaves. Ill anyone remember Lorde in 10 years? How about One Direction? Remember the “Backstreet Boys?” or “Menudo? Miley Cyrus? Doubtful.

It’s interesting to look at the Beatles and the longevity of the music produced in a 7 years window. Then again the Beatles are an anomaly. But still it speaks to the changes in culture, money, art, pop, fashion and societies.

The music of this group and its individual members has stayed the test of time, perhaps more so than any other group in history….well except Bach, Mozart and Beethoven of course!

They were great rock stars!

Besides being an extremely hard working and fanatical group of guys

They had all the stars align and timing of the advent of a new rock and roll.

With George martin and people who could manage and market them they helped shaped the course of rock and roll from their time forward.

But the songs!  The songs are what get me the most. From Michelle to Yesterday the substance on all levels…how it speaks to the spirit and human condition….well lets just say its hard to compare very  much with the songs of the Beatles to songs of todays pop stars  -  but hell….

One can’t have a “Beatle” band every 10 years can one? One thing’s for sure. We don’t have an under-stocked assortment of music to choose from in this world…. But there is a lot of mediocre talent out there. Happy shopping! Some people say all the good songs have been written.  Really?!? You tell me…it’s in the ear of the beholder.

Please write me a song… I promise I’ll listen.

With All sorts of Love


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